Deep reds, yellows without
shame, bold oranges, green,
fuchsia and lilac
competing to surprise.

Coveri has always strong ties
with contemporary art,
full of mutual influences.

"Enrico Coveri was a star whose
energy and vitality was so much
a part of that unforgettable and
carefree decade
of the 1980s"

Enrico Coveri was born in Prato in 1952.
He was kind, nice, wordly and a very brave man.
He attended the Art Institute and in 1973 started
working as designer for Touche, where he had the
occasion to express and affirm his own talent.

In 1977, when he was only 25,
Enrico Coveri presents his first
collection in Paris which was the
capital of fashion for centuries.
It was an extraordinary success that
throws the doors of fashion world
wide open to him, getting him
in contacts with the artistic and
cultural worldliness of the period.